Design agency

About the opportunity

We are seeking a design or technology agency to help a partnership of local community organisations and Open Banking providers to improve the financial health of people living on low incomes with health conditions in urban cities in the UK.

Our strategy involves addressing social risks to health, such as people’s work, personal finances, and housing. These are key to our strategy for two reasons: they can profoundly affect health and we believe they are amenable to change.

Within the financial health strand, we will be targeting working age adults on low incomes living in Lambeth and Southwark with a long-term health condition and specifically:

  • Those with conditions that limit ability to engage in economic activity, such as chronic pain, mental health issues, or even moderate or high COVID-19 vulnerability.
  • Those who are financially struggling or ‘squeezed’, but not yet being supported by debt advisors and others (e.g. pre-financial crisis).

We are looking to support existing settings and support infrastructure that cover Lambeth and Southwark to deliver more effectively for our target population and take a preventative approach to their health and financial health.

Your response

We are looking for a creative agency, who is sympathetic to the challenges facing people in our place with a track record of listening and flexibility.

Your expression of interest should be a maximum of five pages and explain how your proposal will deliver on our definition of project success and desired learning objectives.

 Please include an outline of:

  • Your proposed outputs and methodology
  • Your relevant skills/experience in working with:
  • Community-based support organisations
  • Our target group:  people living on low incomes with long-term health conditions in urban areas
  • Fintech and/or digital inclusion
  • Designing socially-impactful projects that can take private sector/commercial/profit considerations into account
  • Budget breakdown, and personnel involved

We are open to considering a variety of approaches to the work, and have not set a budget for this project.  Quotes should focus on the cost of output delivery.

Please submit your expression of interest to by 9 am Friday 23 April 2021.  We aim to hold interviews with short-listed agencies between Monday 26 and Wednesday 28 April 2021. Please see full details in our brief.