Evaluation partner

About the opportunity

Over the past two years we have been working with FrameWorks on a programme of work to re-frame public understanding of childhood obesity.

We are looking for an evaluation partner to work alongside Impact on Urban Health and our strategic partners for a one-year contract with potential for further extension. The scope of this work cuts across traditional areas of expertise including opinion and public perception, influencing, policy, and media monitoring. The evaluation partner will help us:

  • measure engagement with the toolkit and frames
  • track changes in the way that campaigners and decision-makers talk about obesity
  • establish a baseline to measure any long-term shift in public perception

The evaluation partner will need to track short and intermediate outcomes and provide regular iterative feedback to maximise impact, as well as offer advice over the long-term. We are seeking a formative evaluation to offer course correcting advice as the programme progresses, and not just to evaluate impact after the event.

Your response

If you are interested in this evaluation, please submit a proposal by Friday 21 May to rachel.pidgeon@urbanhealth.org.uk. Your proposal should include:

  • details of the relevant experience, skills and knowledge of your team – we will be looking for teams with experience of undertaking other similar or comparable evaluations;
  • your understanding of the requirements of the brief – particularly the aims and focus of the evaluation;
  • your proposed approach and methodology – we will be looking for proposals that reflect the key elements of the approach that we have set out above and that provide a creative and appropriate methodology to meet the objectives;
  • your project management and quality assurance arrangements;
  • an overview of your timeline for the work;
  • a detailed breakdown of your fees.

We are looking to appoint an evaluator in early 2021.