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Urban health

Building long-term partnerships to support the health of Black people living in urban places

We're developing a new strategic partnership with Black Thrive Global.

We have committed to developing a new strategic partnership with Black Thrive Global. Through our grant of £3 million over next five years, we will support Black Thrive Global’s mission of improving the lives and health outcomes Black people living in South London and other urban places in the UK. 

In Lambeth and Southwark, Black people experience some of the worst health inequalities. This is because people from Black backgrounds are more likely to live on low or precarious incomes, have housing insecurity and experience digital exclusion – all of which can contribute to their health. 

Black Thrive Lambeth launched in 2016 as a partnership between statutory organisations, community groups and local residents to address the needs of the south London borough’s Black residents.  Their work centres shaping the systems that impact Black people’s lives, including the health system.  

We know that the circumstances of people’s working lives can lead to poor health, and poor health can lead to work insecurity or unemployment – both of which are disproportionately experienced by Black people in the borough.  

To have the greatest impact on the drivers of health inequity we need to act on the intersection between racial and other forms of social and economic inequalities.  

That is why, in 2018, we funded Black Thrive Lambeth to enhance their learning and evaluation offer and enable the Lambeth Partnership to explore ways that could increase meaningful employment amongst Black residents in Lambeth.  

In April 2021 Black Thrive Global was launched, and secured funding through the National Lottery Community Fund for its Thriving Futures Programme 

Through the programme, Black Thrive Global partnered with Mind in Haringey to create Black Thrive Haringey, and Catalyst4Change to create Black Thrive Birmingham 

Black Thrive Global is led by a group of experienced senior leaders from across the public sector – the NHS, local authorities, and beyond – who are well connected and respected locally, nationally, and internationally on race equity and health.  

By partnering with them, we’re backing an organisation with an explicit racial equity focus and UK-leading expertise in changing systems to make people’s lives healthier for everyone – no matter what their background.