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We want to hear from anyone who can help us improve urban health

Changing urban health together

Over the next decade, we aim to both broaden our reach by working in wider partnerships and narrow our focus to have greater impact.

We want to hear from anyone who shares our interests or has an idea that can help us achieve our goals. You don’t have to be based in Lambeth or Southwark; we’re interested in speaking to anyone keen to share their experience. This isn’t an application process, it’s about starting a conversation on how we might be able to work together.

Right now we’re focusing on a few complex issues. We want to hear from anyone with ideas on how to:

We’re also interested in working with partners who can help us look at different approaches to urban health, including on community engagement and data analytics. If you have an idea of how to partner with us in these two areas, please get in touch directly.

Find out more about how we partner and share your idea with us below.

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