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Urban health

Urban Health Index (UHI) for Lambeth and Southwark

With the Social Progress Imperative, we’ve created a set of metrics to assess the social progress of our boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark. The result of this partnership is the Urban Health Index.

By layering data relating to different social and environmental indicators, we hope to build a better picture of the circumstances of people living in urban areas and how their environment impacts their health.

The Urban Health Index provides information on 68 neighbourhoods in Lambeth and Southwark and includes the most recent data available. We capture data on 42 indicators relating to basic human needs, foundations of wellbeing and opportunity, viewable as an interactive scorecard for different neighbourhoods.

Our methodology

We developed a unique set of indicators to understand the health of people in our boroughs. Find out more about how we decided upon these indicators in our methodology report and see the underlying data.

Download the methodology report (.pdf) (793 kB) Underlying data (.xlsx) (105 kB)