How we partner

Guidance on how we decide what partners to fund and support, and what we offer as a partner.

Our partnership approach

Partnerships and collaboration are essential to our work. We believe we can improve health in urban areas, but that we cannot do this alone.  So, we provide financial, strategic and practical support to people and organisations who share our goals and can help us achieve them.

Our partnerships all aim to improve the health of people in Lambeth and Southwark and other urban areas. Our partners don’t need to be based in our boroughs, but the work must be relevant to them and the complex health issues we’re currently working to address.

We also partner with organisations from a variety of disciplines with different outputs. From working with local organisations delivering grassroots campaigning to funding universities working on multi-year research projects, we are open to partnership at different scales that share our ambitions.

Panellists for Bite Size report launch including Jamie Oliver

Partnering at different scales

We work with partners from different sectors working at different scales to tackle urban health issues. Here are some examples of the ways we've partnered at different scales.

Local: community campaigning with Mums for Lungs National: funding healthier start-ups with the Good Food Fund International: our learning partnership with 10 global cities

Our decision-making process

Working closely with partners, we support them to develop fundraising proposals before they go to a quarterly investment committee. It’s here that they are assessed against our objectives and diversity, equity and inclusion principles, as well as the intended impact.

With a focus on long-term change, the committee will also consider how success will be evaluated and the potential for scalability, both in our place and in other urban areas. Once approved, we continue to support partners to develop and deliver projects, using insight and learning to inform our work.

Areas we currently invest in

Our partnerships focus on complex health issues that disproportionately impact people living in urban areas. We choose these health issues based on their prevalence in urban environments and our capacity to have an impact on them:

We also partner with organisations looking to build evidence and understanding of urban health as a whole through our research and development work.

Our offer as a partner

We know tackling complex health issues is challenging work and recognise that different people and organisations need different types of support.

Flexible funding to meet your needs

We offer a broad range of funding and other non-financial support depending on what can help achieve change.

Our partnerships range from short-term local initiatives to multi-year international partnerships. All of our partnerships generate useful insights to help us tackle urban health challenges no matter the scale.

A close and collaborative partnership

We take a long-term view to make sure our partners gets the space and resource to create impact. We co-produce projects and provide financial, strategic and practical support to make real change.

Not just a funder

We are interested in partnership. We’ll support and connect you with others to approach complex, urban health issues from all angles. We can also make introductions, build collaborations and bring in world-class specialists and local experts to support you with everything from impact evaluation to influencing local and national decision-making.