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In-store and digital education campaigns help customers to prioritise their health

Our case study with Superdrug, as part of our CHL progress update.

CHL UK recognises that food is just one element of a holistic approach to improving health. That’s why we look beyond food and diet, working with our non-food members to address issues including better oral health, giving up smoking and protecting skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Here is one such example:  


Retailer Superdrug is trialling promotional activity to help customers to prioritise their health by taking care of their skin, teeth and gums, by giving up smoking and by improving nutrition with vitamin supplements. During 2021, Superdrug explored how targeted in-store and online promotions can build awareness of healthier options and make sure everyone has access to the products, advice and support they need. 


Campaigns encouraging people to give up smoking, including Stoptober and Doing Good Feels Super, ran in stores and online, supported by a digital communication strategy. Interventions included discount promotions on smoking cessation products, targeted messaging and price deals for specific groups, such as new parents, and a focus on environmental messaging linking smoking to air pollution. An online tool was also developed and shared on social media channels to help people to find the right products for them. 

The skin care trial tested offering advice from a pharmacist on the best solution for common skin conditions; a service that was promoted via social media, instore marketing and PR.  

Data and results

Superdrug rose from 5.9% to 6.9% market share in smoking cessation and gains have continued post-promotion, now up to 7.2%. It also gained market share in skincare products during 2021, however there is a lack of clear evidence to show this is directly related to the in-store and online promotions. The absence of hard data has highlighted the need for robust evaluation for future trials and will influence their approach going forwards.  

Key learnings

From now on Superdrug will set up control groups to effectively measure and evaluate the impact of their trials. By piloting activity in selected stores and directly comparing to results in equivalent stores, the company will be able to accurately test and evaluate uplift and penetration.  

The retailer also plans to put customer listening in place before and after trials to dig deep into the impact of activity from a customer perspective.  

What’s next?

In 2022 Superdrug will be testing the impact of increased visibility and education around the benefits of vitamin supplements. The first of these trials will create children’s healthcare hubs in 20 stores this summer which will promote ‘hero’ vitamins for children (vitamins A, C and D) and highlight eligibility for free Healthy Start vitamin drops and food vouchers to improve children’s nutrition. The second will aim to educate all customers on the benefits of vitamins, for example recommending which supplements you need if you’re over 50, a student or if you work out regularly.      

Another quit smoking trial will also run in 120 stores, this time educating customers on the advantages of using two products in tandem to offer a better chance of stopping for good. 

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