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How we work

We take a place-based approach to tackling urban health issues. Partnering with individuals, groups and organisations, we learn what works to improve health in inner cities, and share lessons with others across the world.


We are rooted in place

We take a place-based approach to improving urban health. This helps us understand how the local environment affects people’s health and to find solutions that work in practice.

The south London boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark have been our home for over five centuries. It is here that we support organisations, groups and individuals – local, national and international – committed to achieving health equity in inner-city areas.

To drive better health in cities, we pay particular attention to the context in which people live and the wider determinants of their health, from finance and employment to social connections. 


We combine data, evidence and lived experience

Our approach is underpinned by curiosity and an eagerness to learn and share. To focus our efforts and have the greatest impact, we combine:

  • Rich data from a variety of sources, including our own
  • Robust evidence on what works and doesn’t to improve health in cities
  • People’s lived experiences 
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Urban health

How the built environment, diversity and income inequality impact health outcomes

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We focus on a few complex health issues

We tackle complex health issues that disproportionately impact people living in urban areas. We use this focus to build our understanding of how cities can be shaped to support better health. 

We’re currently working on reducing childhood obesity, slowing people’s progression to multiple long-term health conditions, and finding innovative solutions to the health effects of air pollution. In 2021, we will launch a new programme exploring adolescent mental health.

Through our long-term programmes, we build partnerships and support projects to explore what drives these complex issues and to find ways of addressing them. 

We share lessons

Truly understanding what works in improving health in inner cities is key to achieving impact in our place. And we believe we can have an even wider impact by sharing what we learn with others working on similar issues in other global cities. Learning rooted in practice is our contribution to the growing body of evidence around urban health.

We partner

Complex health issues rarely have a single cause, they are often driven by many interconnected factors. To help us create real, lasting impact, we build a broad range of partnerships to tackle these. 

We work with organisations and people from all sectors, from community groups to large commercial enterprises. We partner for different purposes including to research issues, develop new methods, test ideas on the ground, share knowledge and evaluate the effectiveness of projects.

Driving better health in inner-city areas often requires change at a borough level, or even nationally and internationally. While some of our projects focus on a handful of streets, others are global initiatives.

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We work with people, groups and organisations at different scales to tackle urban health challenges

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