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Multiple long-term conditions

Engaging with employers to protect the health of night shift workers

We're working with The Liminal Space to engage night shift workers and employers to create a better and healthier working experience.

Key partnership information

Partner: The Liminal Space

Funding amount: £568,947

Duration: April 2021 – April 2024

Programme: multiple long-term conditions


What we’re doing together

In 2020, we partnered with The Liminal Space, a creative consultancy and design studio, to pilot a project to engage employers and night shift workers to create healthier working experiences. This built on their Night Club programme.

More people work night shifts than ever before, and this has grown to over 7 million people since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Night shift work can have a profound effect on people’s mental and physical health, and there is mounting evidence that it contributes to a number of long-term health conditions including heart disease, diabetes and depression.

In our pilot project, The Liminal Space worked with Veolia, a refuse and recycling company with around 300 employees at their Southwark centre.  The focus of this intervention was on sleep and associated health issues that result from working in a way that disrupt circadian rhythms.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, through interviews and site visits with night shift and frontline workers, The Liminal Space created Supporting Our Staff (SOS), a second iteration of Night Club to offer employees support during a particularly challenging period.  These resources were designed to support employee mental health, promote good quality sleep and provide advice for dealing with relationships and anxiety, and included consultations with ‘Dr Sleep’ – a sleep science expert.

A snapshot of workers involved in the pilot


had one or more long-term condition


learnt something new to protect their health


said they would change their behaviour as a result

Following a successful pilot, we have extended our partnership with The Liminal Space for a further three years to work with a broader range of employers in Lambeth and Southwark, from small businesses to large institutions.

The project team will develop relationships with employers to design the right type of intervention for their shift workers to implement changes that directly impact staff wellbeing.

With evaluation partner Cornish and Grey, we will create an evaluation framework to support the development and implementation of tailored interventions and better understand the impact of  the project. Additionally, Liminal Space will set up a network of local employers interested in sharing best practice to help protect the health of their employees.

Liminal Space workers
Liminal Space sleep boxes

Aims of the partnership

  • Learn more about what works with employees of diverse sizes and sectors, including the commercial motivations of employers and how to best invest in health-based partnerships
  • Develop relationships with employees to design and deliver interventions tailored to their circumstances
  • Influence sector practices at a wider scale to protect the health of shift workers

Connection to our strategy

This work highlights the profound effect that working at night can have on people’s mental and physical health and that employers have a significant role to play in reducing the inequitable health burden faced by those on low incomes at risk of progression to multiple long-term conditions.

More about The Liminal Space

The Liminal Space are a creative consultancy and design studio.

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