Urban health

International learning project on urban health

Key partnership information

Partner: Innovation Unit

Programme: cross-programme project

What we’re doing together

We have started an international learning project to help us build our understanding of how living in urban areas affects people’s health and wellbeing.

Working with social enterprise Innovation Unit, the two-year project involves connecting with inner-city areas like our own, in the UK and internationally, exploring how others face similar complex health challenges.

The project will use learning exchanges as well as desk-based research and interviews to look closely at the combined impact of diversity, income inequality and the built environment on health, considering both the assets and risks these factors present.

By learning from others, we hope to build our own knowledge and uncover new insights for practitioners, decision-makers and others who work at the forefront of health in urban areas.

Aims of the partnership

The final outcome will be a report capturing the insights gathered. The report is expected to be available in early 2021.


Connection to our strategy

As an organisation, we want to improve global health by improving health in cities. This learning project will allow us to gain an insight into how other cities are tackling complex health challenges, allowing us to improve our practice here in London and share it back with others.

As more and more of us settle in towns and cities, we welcome the opportunity to support this pioneering work to advance what is known about the complexity of health in urban areas.

Vicki Purewal Senior Associate, Innovation Unit

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