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Health effects of air pollution

Supporting start-up companies to improve air quality

This partnership supports innovative ventures and new technologies to reduce the impact of air pollution in urban areas.

Key info:

What are we doing together? 

We’re working with Growth Studio to design, build and deliver an accelerator project that will support ten start-up companies that are focused on addressing air pollution.

Through workshops and one to one support, Growth Studio will help to refine the start-ups’ business models and to articulate their product to potential investors.  

Simultaneously, Growth Studio and Impact on Urban Health will be reaching out to investors to explore opportunities and potential collaborations with the start-ups. The programme will finish with a demo day, where start-ups will pitch their products to investors. 

Growth Studio will work with start-ups that are using technology to either reduce air pollution at source or detect air pollution more efficiently. The success of these ventures will mitigate the health effects of air pollution in several ways, including: 

  • Enabling institutions to cost effectively reduce air pollution in their operations. 
  • Demonstrating to stakeholders, like local authorities and other regulators, that technologies exist that enable businesses to improve air quality, reduce emissions, and improve public health. 

Aim of the partnership

The start-ups’ sustainable solutions for air pollution will be trialled across Lambeth and Southwark. We therefore believe this programme will benefit residents across the two boroughs, particularly those most affected by air pollution.  

Through this partnership, we expect to learn how to catalyse more investments into commercial solutions for air pollution.  

This partnership is aligned with our principles around diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will use this opportunity to influence the sector to prioritise equitable interventions to improve air quality.

Connection to our strategy

At Impact on Urban Health, we want to make sure that everyone can live in a place free from air pollution and the poor health it causes. Our Health effects of air pollution programme is designed to find equitable solutions that improve air quality and health for people living in cities.

Part of our mission is to work with businesses to find equitable solutions to reducing polluting emissions. By supporting start-ups to develop their solutions to poor air quality, we believe we can help to protect people from the health effects of air pollution.