Multiple long-term conditions

Helping people with long-term conditions access work

31 January 2020
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Meaningful employment can significantly impact our health. Having low or no income can contribute to poor health outcomes. And work can meet important psychological and social needs.

To explore the connection between work and health, we are partnering with GoodPeople and Black Thrive. We want to help people with long-term conditions enter or improve the quality of their employment.


GoodPeople: using corporate social responsibility to improve working opportunities

GoodPeople delivers projects on social mobility, social impact recruitment and corporate responsibility. With them, we will focus on connecting job seekers with employers in the local area.

With £96,503 of our funding, the first part of the project will map the support needs a job seeker may have. In turn, we’ll speak with employers to understand the flexible work opportunities available.

Following this, GoodPeople will develop a recruitment platform for people with long-term conditions. The platform will match job seekers with opportunities suiting their skills and support needs.


Black Thrive: removing barriers for Black people entering work

Alongside GoodPeople, we are partnering with Black Thrive. Black Thrive works to address the inequalities that impact the mental health and wellbeing of Black people in Lambeth.

Black communities often experience multiple disadvantages. We know Black people experience barriers to accessing good work. In this country, they are 15% less likely to be in employment than their White British peers.

And when it comes to health, our research shows they often develop long-term conditions sooner than their White neighbours. In Lambeth and Southwark, 18% of the adult population are Black – yet account for 27% of people living with multiple long-term conditions.

Black Thrive will use £738,600 of funding to identify and support projects that can improve access to meaningful employment.

Multiple long-term conditions in Lambeth and Southwark


of the adult population in Lambeth and Southwark are Black


of people living with multiple long-term conditions in Lambeth and Southwark are Black

Addressing the social determinants of health

Working with GoodPeople and Black Thrive allows us to address the social determinants of health. Most people live their lives outside of healthcare settings. For this reason, work, financial wellbeing and housing can have a profound impact on health. And crucially, they’re changeable. 

Our programme focuses on slowing down people’s progression to multiple conditions. As a result, fund projects to support people who already have long-term conditions, or who are most at risk of developing them.

There are many initiatives supporting people with long-term conditions or disabilities into work. But none to date represent scalable solutions that address the greater burden of long-term conditions and unemployment Black people in Lambeth and Southwark carry. We want to focus on how employment can impact the health of people already living with long-term conditions or at a high risk of developing them.

Matt Towner Portfolio Manager for multiple long-term conditions