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New childhood obesity learning network launches

4 May 2020
2 min read

Central to our urban health programmes is the principle of sharing our findings. If we, or the partners we fund, do not have access to shared insights, we limit our ability to make progress.

To formalise sharing between our partners, we’ve launched the Childhood Obesity Programme Network. The network will give a platform for learning, sharing and relationship building between funded partners.


Learning from our partners

We have been engaging with our partners to understand how we can best support them to share insights. We heard a lot of enthusiasm for a network-based approach so we’ve been working with partner representatives to co-design this.

As a result of findings from this co-design process, we are testing new ways to share and learn from each other, as well as the wider community.

Kaleidoscope Health and Care are a social enterprise with expertise in developing effective collaborations. They have supported the development of the network since its beginning.

We're delighted to be working with Impact on Urban Health to develop and support the Childhood Obesity Programme Network. Networks are a powerful tool to address complex problems. We're excited to see how a network-based approach can foster increased collaboration on this important issue.

George Dellal Kaleidoscope Health and Care

Launching the network

Over 50 representatives from partner organisations signed up to attend our launch event on Monday 4th May. Participants heard our CEO Kieron Boyle and our partners reflect on what COVID-19 means for urban health.

We’re excited to see this network for our childhood obesity partners up-and-running. It’s been co-designed by partners to respond to their needs. We want it to be a platform for partners to learn and share, as well as to collaborate and amplify their work.

Jessica Attard Portfolio Manager for children's health and food